Viveberry is all about transparency, honesty and (very importantly) ongoing improvement. This is why we're sharing the goals we hope to achieve along our journey.


Goal #1: To prove that it is possible to use coffeeberries in products, inspiring more people to up-cycle them and stop them from going to waste. 

How? Through our first product, Instant Vive. Overall, Instant Vive is designed to be an enjoyable coffee with health benefits, but it is also proof that coffeeberries can be used to our benefit. 

Have we achieved this? Support us by trying instant vive. We made sure you can taste not just the premium instant coffee but the flavours of the coffee fruit as well. Once you taste it, you tell us if we have achieved this.  

Goal #2: To educate people on the amazing health benefits of coffeeberries, as well as the harm of wasting them. 

How? Viveberry has sought industry professionals to research the benefits of coffeeberries for human health and the harm of them to the environment, so that the knowledge can be spread through word of mouth and socials.

Have we achieved this? Yes, because coffee is a much loved commodity in todays society and there is a growing concern for the impact that consumption has on the health of our environment, consumers are becoming more aware and purchasing with purpose. As we spread our message and knowledge people are becoming more knowledgable and consuming more conscientiously. 


Goal #1: To make a greater impact by launching more products that use more coffeeberry and to further reduce the impacts of the coffee industry.

How? We have many products in the pipeline, including a bunch of exciting instant hot beverages, creamers and coffee add-ins. We are also experimenting with many other products that don’t fall under the coffee category. If it’s a beverage, it's in our plan. 

Goal #2: To refine our practices in order to become certified Fairtrade, further minimising food miles and reducing our carbon footprint.

How? Sure, we up-cycle coffee berries, are plastic free, made in Melbourne and all the rest, but there are many things we plan to improve upon. We are currently looking for a coffee bean supplier who can tick all the boxes of the above. Within 6 months we hope to have found a supplier who is close to our facilities and has a small farm with fair-paid workers. It is important to Viveberry to develop close, professional relationships with suppliers and ensure an ethically matched product for all stakeholders. 


Goal #1: To purchase a coffee farm so that we can ethically and sustainably process coffee beans and coffeeberries on site. This is the ultimate step in reducing environmental impact, ensuring an ethical supply chain and improving nutritional profile and flavour. Continually sourcing potentially wasted coffeeberry and up-cycling it for consumers. 


Have you ever thought, ‘where does a coffee bean come from?’.

A coffee bean is actually the seed from the centre of a fruit. Coffee producers separate the seed from the fruit then  process and roast the seeds, turning them into the delicious coffee beans we know and love.

What happens to the berry? It goes to waste. The coffee industry dubbed the berries worthless, tossing them into waste piles where they are either burnt or left to rot.


Yes! 25 million tonnes of coffeeberry is wasted every year. Each berry that makes its way into our coffee reduces that scary statistic. Wasted coffeeberry decomposes and ferments, releasing mycotoxins that leak into the earth and local waterways. This chemical destroys native ecosystems. However, Viveberry has found a way to up-cycle coffeeberry and offset the impact of the coffee industry. Viveberry is committed to continuous improvement within the business regarding sustainability. The use of recyclable packaging is currently underway with hopes of evolving the packaging towards home compostable and reusable. Viveberry is also a member of one percent for the planet. 


Ohh yeah! Coffeeberries are one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. Coffeeberries are loaded with beneficial antioxidants and polyphenols, more so than blueberries and acai berries. The antioxidant composites that make the coffeeberry help neutralise harmful compounds which can otherwise lead to cell damage and chronic disease over time. Research also suggests that the regular consumption of coffeeberries can promote brain function, slow aging and protect brain cells. Another bonus, is chlorogenic acid, which is abundant in the coffeeberry and has been studied for its ability to promote weight loss and boost fat burning. But dont take our word for it, we asked Nutritionist Liv Crumpton about her thoughts on coffeeberry. LEARN MORE


When the combination of 2 or more nutrients create a possible health benefit larger than the sum of them separately. Eating whole foods has an array of benefits, including the coffeeberry and the coffee bean, that Viveberry has now created conveniently for consumption.